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Codling moth trap

Codling moth trap

This is our second year with our orchard, I have to say we didn’t take as good of care of it last year with all the remodeling we were doing and our apples were pretty infested with codling moths, among other things. So this year I’m trying out some homemade traps and a widely used attractant recipe.

First you want to find an empty milk jug (or something similar), maybe 3-4 or 12 jugs depending our your orchard. Cut 2 large holes in the upper portion of the jug on opposite sides. Some say leave a flap on top to keep the rain out, I’ve found I get more moths if I cut the holes out completely, this allows air to pass through and disperse the smell of your trap. Plus it doesn’t rain that much here in the summer so the just end up drying out rather than getting water logged. Check the traps once a week and empty/refill to keep the scent fresh.


1-cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/3-cup Dark Molasses
1/8-teaspoon Ammonia, 
6 drops of liquid soap
Add enough water to make about 1-1/2 quarts of Attractant. 


I put the traps out in mid may, they seem to be working so far, I can’t say I’ve caught a LOT of moths but I have caught quite a few along with other various bugs. I’ve also been vigilant about spraying with Neem oil this year as well. Our trees are looking much healthier this year I have to say. The proof will come soon once the apples start to ripen!