Josh and Erin bought a farm. The End.

So we purchased an OLD farm in Longbranch WA, the previous owner was apparently quite a well known character on the Key Peninsula, but not the original owner. The house was built in 1900, by who we’re still not sure, we know who the owners were back as far as the 1950’s but we’re still researching the history of the property. It’s one of the earliest houses on the Peninsula (not the oldest), dating back to when people were first starting to settle the peninsula so we’re hoping it’ll have an interesting history. The old ferry stop (now the Longbranch Marina) is just a short walk down the road.

Our farm has a total of 15 acres, about 10 are still wooded and will most likely remain that way, the house and orchard occupy a little less than 1 acre, leaving us around 4 acres for crops and animals. A pond at the edge of the field is in need of repair and will provide a nice quiet spot for reflecting as well as a water source containing water from a year round spring. There’s also a concrete damn further in the woods that was supposedly used to supply water to a water wheel across the road from us. We have water rights to the stream so it’s a perfect place to hold water for irrigation.

There’s an old apple/pear orchard, though I’d guess the apple trees are maybe 50 or so years old, the pears maybe only 20. The orchard had been neglected for quite some time so we’re nursing it back to health. It only has a few trees, 6 apple and 4 pear, but they produce some of the tastiest apples and pears we’ve ever had. We’ve since planted a few more trees as well: apple, pear, apricot, plum, cherry and Nectarine. We also put in 2 bee hives in the spring of 2017 and are expanding the apiary this spring up to 6 hives, with a goal of having 15-18 hives in the coming years. We were still working on renovations but wanted to get a jump start with the bees.

We’ll have a small fiber oriented business (run by Erin) to provide wool and other fiber products from our animals (sheep and goats).

We’ll eventually have crop production to produce food for our little homestead, local farmers markets and Fresh Food Revolution , All Organic of course.